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Tortured KIA Soldier Body Found inside Mai Nawng Post

Local villagers who went to look for a missing KIA private found his body buried inside the Mai Nawng post which Burmese army seized on Nov 18. Myitung Naw Ja, KIA private, who returned to Mai Nawng Post on that night from family leave was killed by Burmese troops upon his arrival to the post.

PSLF Says It Will Continue to Fight for a Palaung State

Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF) Central Committee on Thursday issued a statement promising those slain cadets on the ground of Officer Training School that they will continue to fight until a Palaung State is established. 11 Palaung young cadets, Mai Nay Tun (24), Mai Maung Win (21), Mai Naw Aung (22), Mai Tun Hlaing (22), Mai

Artillery Attack Killed 23 Officer Cadets

  Burmese army’s 105 mm mortar attack on Wednesday killed 23 officer cadets from KIA’s officer training school at Woi Chyai Bum near Laiza. 18 other cadets were seriously wounded by the point-blank artillery fires from Burmese army positions at Hka Ya Bum, Bumre and Dumbang Bum. Officer cadets were in tactical training session when

Peace Process

1994 meeting II

Memoirs of Kachin Peace Efforts (1994)

Ceasefire (1994) After a decade or so, the light of peace, shimmered first initiated again in 1963, then in 1972 and again in 1980 respectively, was enlightened again in October 18, 1990 at Pangsai, a sleepy border town of Sino – Myanmar, Northern Shan state. The peace – talk between KIO and NWT was able




Pamphlet distributed by Upstream Ayeyawady Confluence Basin Hydropower Co. Ltd, a local subsidiary of CPI Group.

CPI presses ahead with Myitsone dam project

By KLN Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Despite public outcry against the construction of Myitsone (Malizup) dam, China Power Investment Corporation (CPI Group), which is one of the five largest state-owned electricity company in China, continues to pursue the project, reported Kachin Development and Networking Group (KDNG) on Monday. Upstream Ayeyawady Confluence Basin Hydropower Co. Ltd,


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Burmese Authorities Warn Civilians’ Anti-Drug Initiatives

By KLN Wednesday, Sept 24, 2014 A Tanai-based Burmese Army commander and township police chief on last Friday asked for the release of two drug dealers, U Shwe Ba and U Mong Sieng, who were arrested and detained early this month by Kachin drug elimination committee members at Gin Sa Ra block in Tanai City,