Burmese Air Force fighter jet bombs KIA's 12th Battalion positions on May 20, 2015

Battles Intensify in Southern Kachin State

Battles continue to rage between KIA’s 12th Battalion troops and a combined force of Burmese Army’s 56th and 86th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) troops at Nam Lim Pa, La Ait Bum and Nam Hpalang Bum in Mansi Township on May 23. Burmese Army troops fired several artillery rounds on KIA’s 12th Battalion positions at La

A Burmese Army Fighter Jet Bombs KIA Positions in Mansi Township

A Burmese Army fighter jet on Wednesday bombed KIA positions at La Ait Bum (Point 245) at around 11:55 am. La Ait Bum is located between Nam Lim Pa and Magyeng in Mansi Township. KIA’s 1st and 12th Battalions troops have been engaged in fighting with a combined force of Burmese Army’s 15th LIB, 142nd

Battle Rages Between KIA Troops and Burmese Army in Southern Kachin State

A fierce battle rages between a combined force of KIA’s 1st and 12th Battalion troops and a combined force of Burmese Army’s 56th LIB, 86th LIB, 143nd LIB, and 321st LIR in Mansi Township in southern Kachin State on May 18 at 3 pm. The battle lasted for about 5 hours. Neither side has released

Peace Process

Meeting between NCCT and MPC members

Pondering the Future of Burma’s Peace Process

This year’s February 12th Union Day has come and gone, significantly without the signing of the Nationwide Ceasefire Accord (NCA) that President Thein Sein had so hoped for as his presidential legacy. Instead, a face-saver Union Day pledge of sorts was signed by a “coalition of the willing” – 50 political parties and 4 ethnic



KIO turns military headquarters into a boarding school

By KLN Published on July 10, 2013   Opening ceremony of a boarding school was held at Hpung Mai hall in Laiza on July 9 at 9 am. The combined boarding school which accommodates 1725 middle and high school students is located at Alen Bum, the former KIA’s military headquarter, in Laiza. 107 teachers and


Pamphlet distributed by Upstream Ayeyawady Confluence Basin Hydropower Co. Ltd, a local subsidiary of CPI Group.

CPI presses ahead with Myitsone dam project

By KLN Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Despite public outcry against the construction of Myitsone (Malizup) dam, China Power Investment Corporation (CPI Group), which is one of the five largest state-owned electricity company in China, continues to pursue the project, reported Kachin Development and Networking Group (KDNG) on Monday. Upstream Ayeyawady Confluence Basin Hydropower Co. Ltd,